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Increase Employee Wellbeing & Productivity Through Better Sleep
If your employees work long hours, they may be sleep deprived, exhausted and irritable. We can help.

According to Philips Healthcare Survey

Philips Healthcare Survey Percentage 93% 80%

Sleep is a core pillar of wellness, along with nutrition and
exercise. Proper sleep improves productivity, increases
morale, and reduces healthcare costs for employees.

How Sleep Affects
the Workplace

Corporate Sleep Program


Indians believe their performance
suffers due to inadequate sleep.


lack of sleep is not harmful

Ocassional lack of sleep is not harmful

However, repeated prolonged
sleep issues can hinder
employee’s work performance.

Studies have shown that
employees’ sleep disturbances
have a wide range of negative
outcomes including absenteeism,
decreased productivity, injuries
and increased healthcare costs.

Ocassional lack of sleep

Chronic sleep

deprivation can have even
more drastic consequences

Chronic sleep deprivation can have even
more drastic consequences

such as increased risk of
obesity, heart disease, cognitive
decline and immuno deficiency,
according to the Sleep

It can also contribute to mental
health conditions such as
anxiety and depression.

Chronic sleep deprivation
Trust us.

Your employees want a sleep program.

Real science, Real results

At Nyumi, we have developed programs and solutions to aid
employees to sleep better every night.


participants had an increase
in nightly sleep duration


participants did not wake up
during the night


users experienced improved
mood, concentration, memory
and ability to function at work

Fig: Use of Nyumi Beauty Sleep Gummies for 25 days improved sleep quality

Corporate Employee sleep programs

Sleep Well, Keep Well Kit.

  • Guide to build better sleeping

  • Calm cards to destress mind.

  • Beauty Sleep Gummies, for
    restful and deep sleep.

Rest Reboot Program

  • Three Sleep Workshops by
    trained experts on holistic
    wellness to sleep better. Focus
    will be on nutrition, mindfulness,
    exercise, de-stress and other tips.

  • Sleep Sound Kit

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