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science and us go way back

For us, science isn’t a linear process. It’s a continuous journey. We tirelessly researched and revisited diets, deficiencies, and ingredient sources to mindfully create nutrition that works for you.

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ingredients have to earn their place

Every ingredient is checked not just for nutritional benefits, but also for quality of source, clinical reports, and compatibility with other ingredients.

power of two: Indian + western ingredients

You no longer have to choose between two sciences. Our vitamin gummies combine age-old science of Indian ingredients like haldi, amla, and Tulsi, with advanced western nutrients like biotin, zinc, melatonin, and iron.

clinically researched

We love science, especially if it’s evidence-based research papers on nutrients. Our choices are backed by credible clinical studies that investigate an ingredient’s nutritional benefits.

better than single ingredient

We chose the tougher thing to do, only because it’s more rewarding for you. Our multi-nutrient gummies are created with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, and botanicals that work well in their respective dosage. So they can cater to your overall nutritional needs, instead of delivering just one nutrient.

sourced with care

The ingredient and its source play a vital role in creating effective and trustworthy nutrition. We handpick suppliers who extensively study their ingredients like we do. Our family of ingredients includes patented, clinically proven, and natively grown nutrients.

we practice portion control

Nutrients work well only if they’re eaten in the right amount. We left no room for more or less.


We don’t fancy a label full of ingredients that exist to earn popularity scores. We’d rather get points on keeping only those ingredients that will deliver results.


Our Vitamin gummies meet Indian Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) regulations. They are created thoughtfully to avoid megadoses of any nutrient. This means, no nasty surprises or spikes in your nutrient level readings.


Amount eaten does not equal amount absorbed. To ensure that you receive the most from each dose, we focus on bioavailability scores, extract ratios, and ingredient combinations that work well together. Our gummy format enables better absorption than pills or powders.

we hire experts

developed in germany

developed in germany

Our development team from Germany is one of the world’s first to have created vitamins in gummy form. They hold over 40 years of experience in formulating precise and high quality health supplements.

formulation panel

Along with doctors, our team includes nutritionists, pharmacists, and health experts. They bring on board their experience and knowledge of the latest developments in nutrition science, vitamin formulation, and compliance with nutrition regulations.

heart behind the science

heart behind the science

Nyumi is conceptualized, created, and powered by women who understand that a fine balance between responsibilities and ambitions needs overall wellness. Our job is to make the power of daily nutrition accessible, effective, and trustworthy

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