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Hairfall Defense Kit

No More Hair Woes
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Got hair everywhere except where you want them? Time for your inner Rapunzel to shine with our Hairfall Defense Kit! Say bye-bye to hair fall with the powerful duo. Biotin Hair Growth Gummies filled with biotin, amla, zinc & inositol. And that's not all! Fuel your hemoglobin levels and fight anemia with our iron+ gummies, so you can be strong from within and wear your hair like a crown!

    Reduced hair fall
    Reduced hair fall
    Nourished hair
    Nourished hair
    Reduced hair breakage
    Reduced hair breakage
    Increased hemoglobin 
    Increased hemoglobin 
    Reduces fatigue
    Reduces fatigue
    Improved energy levels
    Improved energy levels

    Store in a cool, dry place not exceeding 25°C, away from direct sunlight. Keep on your dresser and add to your morning skincare routine.


    Take 2 gummies of Biotin Hair Gummies and 1 gummy of Iron Gummies together after a meal, daily. Simply chew and swallow - no water required.

    A perfect balance of Western and Indian nutrients

      Our non-active ingredients help with important tasks like binding active ingredients, nutrient stability and absorption.

      we don’t need fine print
      got doubts? get answers.

      built for women

      by women

      Formulated as
      per Women’s

      35% vitamins and minerals
      have different RDAs for women
      vs men. Our products are
      formulated for women, unlike
      other brands who build for men
      and target to all adults.

      proven for

      Our clinical trials had a ratio
      of 2:1 women to men for each
      study, to prove efficacy for
      women first.


      Women rarely prioritize
      themselves, so we chose to
      prioritize them.

      only good choices. no compromises.
      Gluten and
      Allergen Free
      No Artificial
      Colour or Flavour
      Made in a FDA
      Registered Facility
      Researched Ingredients
      No Fine Print

      meet our ingredients

      A perfect balance of Western and Indian nutrients

      A perfect balance of
      Western and Indian nutrients

      • biotin hair
      • iron
      • BIOTIN #
      • AMLA EXTRACT #
      • CHOLINE #
      • INOSITOL #
      • SELENIUM #
      • ZINC #
      • VITAMIN A #
      • VITAMIN C #
      • VITAMIN E #
      • VITAMIN D2 #
      • VITAMIN B3 #
      • VITAMIN B5 #
      • VITAMIN B6 #
      • FOLIC ACID #
      • VITAMIN B12 #
      • IODINE #
      • BIOTIN +

        A part of the Vitamin B family, biotin helps convert food into energy, which is key for nourishment. While it helps maintain the nervous and digestive systems, its most visible benefits include improved hair, nails and skin. That’s because it supports metabolism of protein-building amino acids (keratin) essential for hair and nail health. Regular intake of biotin can check hair fall, and help improve length and thickness of tresses, and keep nails from becoming brittle, chipping and cracking. We’ve used 100% RDA-approved levels of biotin in hair gummies, to ensure each dose is both effective and safe.

      • AMLA EXTRACT +

        This sweet-tart fruit has been around in Indian medicinal sciences for centuries. It contains 600mg of Vitamin C in every 100gms, making it a rich source for Vitamin C. It contributes to collagen synthesis. Its antioxidant properties keep free radicals in check and help prevent premature greying.

      • CHOLINE +

        Choline is an important nutrient found in the cell membrane and its role is to help cell division. Hair growth takes place in a cycle, and cell division is the phase where new cells are created, increasing the length of hair by pushing old cells forward. Choline is made by the liver, but only in small amounts, which is why dietary supplementation becomes essential to get enough of this helpful nutrient. When Choline teams up with Inositol, they turn into a power-packed duo that supports hair health.

      • INOSITOL +

        Inositol is a part of the Vitamin B family and plays a vital role in many body functions. It helps regulate various hormones, which in turn can help keep hair thinning in check. It works well when partnered with Choline, another nutrient essential for hair health.

      • SELENIUM +

        Selenium is a trace mineral, which means the body needs it in a small amount. But it’s an essential nutrient because of the important role it plays in fighting free radicals and protecting from damage. A lack of selenium could show up as premature greying of hair. Replenishing the body with it can go a long way in maintaining skin and hair health.

      • ZINC +

        This nutrient packs a punch in just a small dose. Zinc, known as a trace mineral required in small amount, is used by over 300 enzymes for important chemical processes in the body. It helps make hair more healthy and resilient, preventing hairloss or prematuring greying. It supports cell division that helps in repair of damaged cells, key to healthy skin. It also contributes to a healthier immune function. We’ve used Zinc citrate since it can be efficiently absorbed and used by the body.

      • VITAMIN A +

        Vitamin A deserves our love for more reasons than one. It plays an important role in maintaining good skin health as well as promoting immune function. We’re made of cells and tissues, and Vitamin A works to keep surface tissues healthy by reducing pigmentation and assisting the natural production of collagen. It also helps in the creation of cells that form a part of immune responses against infectious diseases.

      • VITAMIN C +

        This one’s quite an all-rounder! Vitamin C helps to improve skin tone, delay ageing, boost immunity, and also works to keep infections at bay. Our body creates more free radicals when triggered by stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices. This results in cell damage and even chronic disorders over time. Vitamin C delivers antioxidants, which are key to fight off free radicals. When taken regularly, it helps skin stay healthy and improves immune function.

      • VITAMIN E +

        E is for essential? We may safely say so. Vitamin E is required by the body for an array of functions from keeping cells healthy and reducing inflammations to fighting free radicals and supporting the immune system. Vitamin E has always been famous for replenishing skin and hair cells. It does so by protecting cells from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Its anti-inflammatory properties help repair cells and antioxidants help prevent hair loss due to cell damage.

      • VITAMIN D2 +

        Vitamin D2 is a hardworking nutrient that plays several roles. It helps the body absorb and regulate essential minerals. It also supports cell division for repair of damaged cells, helps reduce cell inflammation, and contributes towards keeping the immune system healthy. What’s more, studies show that regular intake of Vitamin D helps improve the quality of sleep, too.

      • VITAMIN B3 +

        Better known as Niacin, this water-soluble vitamin is a co-enzyme that is vital to several body functions. It helps in maintaining hair and skin health as well as supporting the production of sleep-hormone melatonin. Vitamin B3 also complements Biotin, another essential nutrient for healthy hair, so every dose works effectively towards nourished and healthy hair.

      • VITAMIN B5 +

        Think of this nutrient as a detox or spa for your lovely locks. Vitamin B5, also called Pantothenic Acid, helps hair recover from stress, and prevents premature greying. Hair suffers stress from external factors like heat styling, sun exposure, and strong hair products. Stress could be internal, too. But Vitamin B5 regulates stress hormones in the body and increases the production of melanin. When combined with other essential nutrients, it also helps repair damaged hair shafts.

      • VITAMIN B6 +

        This water-soluble Vitamin is also known as pyridoxine. Its chief roles in body function include supporting cell growth, and helping in the production of melatonin and serotonin that are required for restful sleep. It also helps maintain normal synthesis of cysteine, an amino acid responsible for keeping hair healthy. Since the body cannot create B6 on its own, it is essential to include it through external sources like food or supplements.

      • FOLIC ACID +

        This multi-talented nutrient takes care of hair like no other. Folic acid or folate helps in creation and circulation of red blood cells, which are food for hair follicles. It converts energy from food, making it available for many processes including hair follicle stimulation. It also prevents premature greying and supports healthy cortisol levels important for hair growth cycle. Staying regular with folic acid over time can help unlock more benefits like improvement in hair volume and lustre.

      • VITAMIN B12 +

        Hair loss or early greying very often isn’t an isolated issue; it’s a symptom of deficiencies. Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient in maintaining hair health. It keeps hair follicles nourished by supplying them with red blood cells. Nourished hair follicles means reduced hair loss and delayed greying. A Vitamin B12 deficiency tends to be common since it isn’t produced by the body and has to be derived through dietary supplementation. We’ve got you covered.

      • IODINE +

        Good nutrition is an interconnected network in the body, and iodine is a chief example of this. The thyroid gland is responsible for producing hormones that help the repair and growth of cells. This includes hair follicles, too. That’s why a deficiency in iodine shows up as hair loss, along with thyroid-related issues. Getting enough of iodine daily will keep thyroid hormones in check, and hair follicles in place.

      quiet companions

      Our non-active ingredients help with important tasks like binding active ingredients, nutrient stability and absorption.

      • Citric Acid

        If you love the tasty tang, it’s thanks to this ingredient that regulates the pH to keep the structure firm.

        # Mumbai
      • Fruit Pectin

        The glue that binds the gummy. Naturally derived from fruits, it is a cleaner alternative to gelatin.

        # Germany & Italy
      • Cane Sugar

        The sweetness and texture to each gummy comes from this responsible replacement to artificial sweeteners.

        # Villupuram
      • Glucose Syrup

        From fingertips to your taste buds, each gummy’s structure, moistness and flavour is sealed in thanks to this ingredient.

        # Karnataka
      • Trisodium Citrate

        Gummies get you going, and this ingredient keeps them going for you. It maintains the texture, firmness and pH level of your gummies.

        # Mumbai
      • Natural Colour

        Extracted from vegetables, we used natural colours to add vibrancy to each gummy.

      • Natural Flavour

        To give your taste buds as treat minus the guilt, we used flavours extracted from fruit juices. Enjoy a burst of fruity deliciousness daily.

        # Germany
      • Coconut Oil

        Gummies are no fun if they turn sticky, mushy or too hard. We use Virgin Coconut oil to make sure your gummies stay the way they arrived.

        # Chennai
      • Olive Oil

        Gummies are no fun if they turn sticky, mushy or too hard. We add Olive oil to make sure your gummies stay the way they arrived.

        # Spain
      • Locust Bean

        Extracted from the seeds of the carob tree, this helps keep the gummies plump.

        # Turkey
      • Carnuaba Wax

        Made from leaves of Carnuaba palm trees, this ensures the gummies don’t get sticky, and gives them a natural shine

        # USA
      we don’t need fine print
      kept out for good
      • gelatin
      • preservatives
      • titanium dioxide
      • stevia
      • artificial sweeteners

      why Nyumi

      power of two
      When it comes to your nutrition, you shouldn’t have to choose just one. Our holistic nutrition combines the age-old science of Indian herbs like haldi, amla, tulsi, with advanced western nutrients like biotin and hyaluronic acid.
      no fine print
      We fought harder to keep the bad out. Our gummies are created to eliminate bad additives, preservatives and ingredients that don’t meet our high standards of good nutrition.
      born from science
      All that we make is rooted in science. Our panel of German and Indian health experts have developed a unique formulation with clinically researched ingredients, perfectly proportioned to balance the nutritional requirements in the body.

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      the taste of hair gummies changed

      Arunima Das

      Hairfall Defense Kit

      Hima Singh
      Too early

      Too early to comment

      Love the product

      Nyumi Iron and Hair Gummies have been a great addition to my routine. They taste like candy, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they benefit my hair and overall health

      My hair more nourished now

      Nyumi Iron and Hair Gummies are a double delight. My hair looks more nourished and the shine that they have got is so good.

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